How to Clean

Knowing how to keep a clean house, office, workshop etc. is very important for human health.

Also, cleaning done in fastest and most efficient way means that we have time to do something else, right? :)

Best way to clean house means knowing how to clean certain type of dirt and debris and to know how to clean certain type of surfaces.

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How to Clean a Mattress - Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

mattress vacuum cleaner mHaving a clean mattress is very important for having a good night sleep and for overall well-being.

Many dangers lurk among the mattress fibers and feed on dead human cells and other dirt and debris. Not the best company to spend nights with ...

Published: April 27, 2019.

How to Clean Carpets and Rugs

carpet cleaning 1mMost basic method for cleaning a carpet is, of course, vacuuming. In order to clean low-, medium- and high-pile carpets and rugs, a good carpet vacuum cleaner must have adjustable cleaner head height, rotating brush, good suction and good air filtration.

Vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner will keep the carpets clean, but there are many instances where vacuuming alone is not enough.

Published: December 17, 2018.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles and Tile Grout

wall tiles mTiles can be cleaned with both commercial products and with common household items.

Tiles have very resistant surface and can be cleaned in different ways – mostly, when something is spilled onto the tiles, damp microfiber cloth is more than enough to clean them thoroughly.

Published: August 21, 2018.

How to Clean Laminate and Hardwood Floors

laminate floor 1mLaminate floors are very easy to clean and maintain. Laminate is often used in living rooms, kitchen and other areas at home. Waterproof laminate is even used in the bathrooms. Some types of laminate are even hard to distinguish from the parquet or other types of hardwood floors.

Published: May 16, 2018.

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