Most Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands

People often choose vacuum cleaners according to the 'Brand', not according to the specifications, features, or price.

Many brands manufacture very similar models with very similar weight, power, suction, air filtration, cable length (if present), battery voltage and capacity (if present), price, and other characteristics.

Choosing among such vacuum models, often means going into many detail and overthinking, which in the end means choosing according the favorite brand.

Note that smaller brands want to become large ones and thus are trying to produce high quality appliances at acceptable prices - their products are often cheaper than similar products of renown, large brands.

On the other hand, large brands are large because they produce good products at acceptable prices.

Generally, if you are not certain about two products, check reviews and recommendations of other people and, if you are not sure yet, go for larger, more reputable brand.

Most popular vacuum cleaner brands, ordered alphabetically: Bissell, Black & Decker, Deik, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Electrolux, Eufy, Eureka, Honeywell, Hoover, Housmile, iRobot, Miele, Oreck, Panasonic, Rowenta, Shark, VonHaus.

Of course, there are many other vacuum brands, producing vacuums which, perhaps, deserve a chance.

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