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Window Vacuum Cleaners - How to Choose One?

window vacuum cleaner mWindow vacuum cleaners are type of wet vacuums that are used for cleaning windows, tiles, shower doors, car windows, countertops and similar, flat surfaces.

Window vacuums are mostly small and compact handheld units, featuring squeegee (rubber blade), vacuum motor for creating suction, and dirt liquid tank. Depending on the model, they can also feature detergent tank with spray, microfiber pad and similar.

The Best Cordless Steam Mop - Features, Specifications and Recommendations

shark s3501 steam pocket mop mSteam mops clean and sanitize bare floors using hot steam and scrubbing effect of the steam mop pads. Using pretreat sprays and detergents can help with cleaning of the even the most stubborn stains and messes.

Cordless vacuums and cleaners in general use onboard battery to provide required energy for normal operation. Cordless steam mops thus, use onboard battery to power the water heater and scrubbing mechanism (if present) to clean and sanitize the cleaned floors - at least in theory. On the other hand, in the real life ...

Garden Leaf Vacuums, Mulchers and Blowers - Which one to Choose?

corded lawn vacuum mGarden leaf vacuums, mulchers and blowers are valuable tools for any home owner with the backyard and garden. They help the user to keep the area clean and tidy, saving time and effort.

But, with all the models available on the market and with the different features, power sources, types etc. it is sometimes hard to choose the right one. But it shouldn't be ...

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Elderly People

bissell 1311 m eufy homevac duo s dyson v10 table 1 if205 table shark sv1112 m

When trying to choose the best lightweight vacuum cleaner not only for elderly people, but for all those that don't like or don't want to pull, push or carry heavy vacuums around, there are few important features to consider, like actual weight of the unit, power source, suction strength, air filtration, maintenance, dirt disposal etc.

Picking the best vacuum cleaner also depends on personal preferences, so here are our suggestions with short reviews and recommendations. But, in the end, it is the user who chooses the 'best' vacuum according to his/her own personal needs and preferences.

Bissell Scented Demineralized Water

bissell scented demineralized water mBissell Scented Demineralized Water is common choice of people wanting to clean their home using steam mops, while leaving the refreshing scent in the air, increasing the feeling of freshness.

Since demineralized water leaves no residue on the water heater, it extends the operating life of the steam mops.

Best Air Purifiers Under $100 For Smoke, Dust, Pets, Mold ...

air purifiers under 100 m

Best Air Purifiers Under $100 are affordable solutions for purifying air at home and removing harmful particles that can cause asthma, allergies and other health issues. While vacuum cleaners vacuum floors and other surfaces found at home, air purifiers 'vacuum' the air that one breathes.

Before buying air purifier, it is important to know what they actually do, how they operate, their features and specifications and in the end, perhaps the most important, why are you buying them ...

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

backpack vacuum cleanaerBackpack vacuum cleaners are vacuums that are carried as backpacks, enabling the user to easily traverse on foot from one area to another, clean large surfaces quickly, regardless of potential floor obstacles, like furniture, stairs, walls, etc.

Smaller models of backpacks can be carried on the shoulder, too. Both backpack and shoulder vacuums can be carried via padded straps, making the use rather comfortable, even when used for longer period of time.

10 Best Commercial Vacuums - Reviews and Recommendations

best commercial vacuums - reviews and recommendationsCommercial vacuum cleaners are designed and built to be used often and to clean large areas quickly. Their most important features include ease of use, good suction and cleaning performances, quick, easy and clean dirt disposal, low maintenance, good air filtration etc.

Choosing the best commercial vacuum cleaner is rather difficult task since they vary significantly in type, size, weight, price, warranty conditions, etc. Also, they are often intended to clean various dirt from various floors in different types of buildings.

The Best Steam Mop - How to Pick One?

best steam mop 1mbest steam mop 2mSteam mops use hot steam and cleaning pads to sanitize and clean various types of floors, including marble floors, tiles, linoleum, sealed hardwood floors, laminate and similar.

Steam mops vary in many details, most common ones are onboard tank capacity, heater power and wait time, cord length, types of mop pads, design of cleaning head, availability of scrubbing system, unit weight, is the unit 'just' a mop or vacuum/mop combo and similar.

10 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100 for 2018

shark rocket hv292 mHere is our list of 10 best vacuums under $100. Those affordable and inexpensive vacuums can do their job, too, although they simply can't be equal to larger, stronger, and often much more expensive vacuums in terms of dirt suction, available attachments, air filtration, dirt collection, etc.

But, one doesn't have to spend a small fortune to get home cleaned properly.

Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Which One is Better

bissell 1330 mPeople often wonder which vacuum cleaner is better – bagged or bagless, especially when canister or upright vacuum cleaners are concerned.

For a long time, bagged vacuum cleaners offered better air flow filtration, especially when using high-end dirt bags and several mechanical filters after the dirt bag. On the other hand, as dirt bags start to fill with the dirt, full dirt bags decrease suction strength of the vacuum cleaners, regardless of the vacuum cleaner model.

Construction Site Vacuum Cleaner and Blower Combos

construction site vacuumVacuum cleaner and blower combo can be very helpful tool for cleaning construction sites, hardware shops, garages and similar areas.

Type of the dirt and debris that must be cleaned varies from simple dust, human or even animal hair, sawdust, paper and similar non-aggressive materials to stuff like glass fibers, cement and other aggressive materials found on construction sites.

Vacuum cleaner buying guide: What to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner

shark rocket hv292 mAlthough high quality upright vacuum cleaners are characterized by a long operational life, every now and then new models are produced with even better characteristics than models before. Newer models promise better suction, better dirt removal, better air filtration, easier operation etc.

Often people ask themselves what to look for in the new vacuums, what to avoid, or should they keep their older vacuum as long as it function properly?

Rechargeable Battery Types in Home Appliances and Gadgets

rechargeable batteries mType of rechargeable battery, its size, voltage and capacity, determine how long will device operate on a single battery charge. Home appliances and gadgets range from small cellphones and other handheld gadgets to small electric toy-cars and carts. Battery types play significant role in performances of such electric and electronic devices.

How to choose the best car vacuum cleaner?

car vacuum cleaner 1We spend plenty of time in our cars and having clean car is, first of all, important for our health. Also, you never know who will soon sit in your car, so it is vital to keep it as clean as possible. People with pets and kids often have need for a good emergency vacuum cleaner and must be ready to use it at the moment notice.

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